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                143 Item(s)

                Nail Stickers

                Tsumekira Cassie Huang Product 1 Marbling NN-CAS-101

                Size(Sheet): H150xW88(mm) Thickness: 0.04mm

                Tsumekira Colorful Galaxy NM-GLX-101

                Beautiful stars and planets to add an out-of-this-world touch to your nails. Tsumekira stickers have been renewed and are thinner than ever! At 0.04mm, you can

                Tsumekira Hana4 Product 1 NN-PRD-801

                Nail stickers designed by Tsumekira

                Tsumekira Antique Mauve Flowers NN-IBF-102

                Antique, muted colors that are perfect for feminine fall and winter designs. You can create many different designs using the varying flower sizes. Size: 150 x 8

                Nail Labo Striping Tape Line Silver (1mm)

                Striping Tape Line shape from Nail Labo for Nail Art Design

                Nail Labo Striping Tape Line Gold (1mm)

                Striping Tape Line from Nail Labo for Nail Art Design

                Tsumekira [es] Native & Arrow ES-NAA-101

                Nail Stickers designed by Tsumekira

                Tsumekira Line Gold SG-LIN-102 (For Gel)

                Nail Stickers designed by Tsumekira

                Tsumekira Kamiya Ichie Produce 5 Lemon lemon NN-PRD-505

                Size (entire sheet): 150x88 (mm) Sheet size: 120 x 88 (mm) Thickness: 0.04mm   **Note: This product is for use with gel and acrylics only. When used with regular polish, you may experience color bleeding.