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              56 Item(s)

              Ageha Gel

              Ageha Collection Butterfly Tip Stand Clear

              Ageha Collection Series Size: Length 42mm / Width 50mm / Height 16mm

              Ageha Collection Multi Liquid 100ml [Limited Supply]

              Multi liquid from Ageha collection Can be used in multiple ways from taking gels off from the brush to using as art liquid

              Ageha Base Gel 7.5g [Jar]

              With just the right amount of flexibility, this base gel can also be used for fill-ins and is soak-off. 7.5g

              Ageha Top Gel 7.5g [Jar]

              Clear semi-hard gel with a slightly dense texture that has incredible shine and durability. 7.5g

              Ageha Non-Wipe Top Gel 7.5g [Jar]

              A non wipe top with incredible shine and durability made for ease of use with various brushes.  7.5g

              Ageha Gradation Clear Gel 7.5g [Jar]

              A thin gel for use in creating gradation/ombre effects that can also be used in drop art.

              Ageha Mixing Gel 7.5g [Jar]

              For use in mixing with colors and pigments to adjust color depth and create art.

              Ageha Matte Top Gel 7g [Bottle]

              A top gel with a velvety matte finish. Also recommended for use in art.

              Ageha Film on Gel 7g [Bottle]

              A gel specially developed for beautiful and complete adhesion of art foils and films. 7g