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                112 Item(s)

                Nail De Dance

                Nail de Dance Sculpture Brush from Nail Labo Japan

                High quality brush made with super kolinsky. Available with natural wood or pink handle. No difference in tip size or handling for these two brushes. Size : 8Length : 6.7"Hair Length : 0.8"

                Nail de Dance Non-Acid Primer 0.3oz

                One coat makes the adhesion to the natural bed better. It also prevents lifting over time. Irritating odors associated with primers has also been minimized.

                Nail de Dance Brush Cleaner 130ml/4.4oz Discontinued

                Evaporation loss has been minimized and moisturizing effects have been improved so the hair will not get dried out. Can be used for 3D.

                Nail de Dance Brush Cap Black

                Brush cap for Nail de Dance Brushes. Size: 8.8mm(w) x 72mm(L)Outer diameter:8.8mmInner diameter:8mm

                Nail de Dance Success Pink Liquid 100ml

                For use exclusively with Cha Cha Cha Pink, Ballet Pink, and Competitor's Pink Powders. At competition arenas, the lighting used sometimes will give the nail bed

                Nail de Dance Sculpture Brush Flat Purple

                High quality brush made with super kolinsky. Size : 8Length : 5.6"Hair Length : 0.7"

                Nail de Dance Powder [100g] Nude Natural

                A neutral color powder that does not yellow. So natural that it does not dull other colors that are applied on the nail.

                Nail de Dance Powder [100g] Rumba Natural

                Rumba Natural powder produces more of a conservative color than our Nude Natural powder. The improved polymerization formula will guarantee even, stable color a

                Nail de Dance Acrylic Remover 120ml/4oz Discontinued

                Used for removing acrylics, wraps, etc.