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                5 Item(s)

                Base & Top [JAR]

                Presto Top Gel Matte 0.3oz [Jar]

                The best matte top coat on the market. Transforms any gel color or design to a long-lasting, matte finish. Seals and protects gel designs. Prevents coloration/d

                Presto Color Gel 0.14oz #103 Gestopft [Jar]

                Presto Standard series color gels. High-quality, professional color gel specially tested for ease-of-use. Even, brilliant coloration for a beautiful finish. No

                Ageha Top Gel 7.5g [Jar]

                Clear semi-hard gel with a slightly dense texture that has incredible shine and durability. 7.5g

                Ageha Non-Wipe Top Gel 7.5g [Jar]

                A non wipe top with incredible shine and durability made for ease of use with various brushes.  7.5g