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              ageha Gel Brush [#2] Oval M

              Medium sized oval brush. Soft, flexible bristles allow for perfect, even applications of both sheer and opaque colors. Also suitable for application of base and top gel. Product information Total Length: 123mm Brush head: 8mm Brush material: Japanese PBT Care: Depending on the frequency of use, clean brush head gently with a brush cleaner once a week. Do not forcefully...

              ageha Natural Beach Shell Black Opal (BZ14)

              Thin, easy-to-embed natural shell. Use after crushing to your preferred size. * Color may vary slightly depending on the batch. Contains approx. 2g 

              Presto Color Gel SC-382 [10g] [Bottle] [Clearance]

              Presto SC series color gels. A whole different set of colors from the Presto Standard series, comes in bottle only. Same high-quality performance as the jar-type color gel with the easy handling of a nail polish bottle. Even, brilliant coloration for a beautiful finish. No mixing or shaking necessary. Both LED and UV light curable; recommended to cure with Presto...

              GS1006 SPRAY HEAD FLEX HOSE Gulfstream Spa Chair

              Gs1006 – Spray Head Flex Hose (w/out Filler Spout) Italian type Spray Head Flex Hose,1/2″ female to 3/8″ maleThis product is compatible withGs1005 – Spray Head • Due to photographic and scanning/printing processes, all displayed colors shown may vary slightly from the actual color of the items. • Due to our continuing efforts to develop new and improved products may...

              Nail de Dance Acrylic Powder - Cha Cha Cha Pink [100g]

              Cha Cha Cha Pink has the deepest pink color. In French suulpture, the contrast between the white and pink is outstanding.

              Nail de Dance Acrylic Powder - Nude Natural [57g]

              A neutral color powder that does not yellow. So natural that it does not dull other colors that are applied on the nail.

              Nail de Dance Acrylic Powder - Ballet Pink [57g]

              Creates a natural nail bed, and the white powder stands out even more.

              Nail de Dance Acrylic Powder - Ice Clear [100g]

              Formulated to be bubble-resistant with great transparency.

              Nail de Dance Protection Coat 10ml

              Great for practicing and working on techniques in acrylic and gel. By applying Protection Coat first, you'll be able to remove the acrylic or gel nail at ease without having to use acetone.