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            Presto Gel Brush #6 Round

            Rounded brush perfectly shaped to draw near the cuticle area. High-quality construction with flexible brush hairs made from Japanese PBT Polyester for ease of u

            Presto Gel Brush #5 Fine Point

            Fine point brush in different sizes (5 is the finest point) made of flexible Japanese PBT Polyester brush hairs for ease of use. The sharp hair tip provides pre

            Presto Color Gel 1/2oz SC-109 [Bottle]

            Presto SC series color gels. A whole different set of colors from the Presto Standard series, comes in bottle only. Same high-quality performance as the jar-typ

            Presto Color Gel 1/2oz #117 Soave [Bottle]

            The bottle version of the Presto Standard series color gels. Same high-quality performance as the jar-type color gel with the easy handling of a nail polish bot

            Yellow Silicone Bit

            A bit made from silicone for keratinized skin to create a smooth finish.

            White Bit

            A fine white bit that smooths the bumpy surface of toenails.