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                52 Item(s)

                Nail Labo

                Nail Labo Cuticle Clean Bit

                A thin bit that helps remove cuticles that are attached to the skin.

                Yellow Silicone Bit

                A bit made from silicone for keratinized skin to create a smooth finish.

                White Bit

                A fine white bit that smooths the bumpy surface of toenails.

                Brush Bit (Small)

                Small brush attachment bit. Use to brush away debris and dust under the nail after pushing up or filing.

                Nail Labo Portable Attachment Case

                Portable size clear case for organization of attachment bits. Can store a maximum of 10 bits. Note not all types of bits will fit in the case.

                Nail Labo Protection Cap Black

                Prevents dust from entering the handpiece when filing, helping to prevent handpiece malfunctions. Color caps also help distinguishing different bits. 6 in a pac

                Bohrer Fraser #1

                Pointed bit used for the corner of the nail wall, hard keratinized skin around the nail, and foot corns.

                Bohrer Fraser #2

                Bit with round tip used for finishing under the free edge of extensions. Also suited for delicate tasks such as intricate designs.

                Nail Labo Drill Bit for Piercing

                A drill-head bit used to create piercings in the nail.